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Bihar Day - 22nd March

Bihar Day – 22nd March 2020

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Bihar Day, or “Bihar Diwas” is observed on 22nd March of every year. Bihar Day is observed as a public holiday in the Indian state of Bihar.

NameState/s ObservedDateDay
Bihar Day or Bihar DiwasBihar22nd March 2020Friday

On this day, 22nd March, in 1912, Bihar was separated out of the Bengal Province by the Britishers. The states of Orissa and Jharkhand were also separated out of Bengal on this same date.

Bihar’s 22nd Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, first started to celebrate Bihar Day in 2010. From then onwards, it has been observed every single year on this day.

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The rich and deep cultural roots of Bihar are remembered and put on display during the Bihar Diwas celebrations. Bihar, a state in eastern India, is the third most populous state of India. It is the birthplace of Buddhism and also of the Mauryan Empire.

It is also very unusual that 90 percent of its population is almost rural. This definitely affects its people’s culture.

The Bihar state government issues an official declaration of the day every year on 22nd March. All government agencies and schools observe Bihar Diwas as a holiday, and there are numerous special events organized.

In some parts of the state, celebrations can last for a few consecutive days. You can see street stalls selling a variety of local cuisine. Musical and cultural performances and other unique events are being performed.

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