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Bollywood Songs for Holi

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Top Famous Bollywood Songs for Holi

Holi Songs are an extremely essential part of the festival of colors. Nobody has realized this fact better than our Hindi Film Industry, Bollywood.

Bollywood has almost every time typically portrayed the mood of Holi from time to time. Hero and heroine getting drenched in color waters accompanied by hundreds of dancers dancing in the background.

Folk touch in various Holi songs of Bollywood movies has made them all the more popular amongst the masses. So much so that the famous Holi numbers have become an essential part of Holi celebrations as the colors itself.

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No Holi celebration can be completed without the Amitabh Bachchan’s famous number from the film Silsilay. The famous song we are talking about is Rang Barse. You can find the lyrics of the song here.

In the festival which does not recognize any restrictions, the hero, Amitabh openly flirts with his girlfriend, Rekha in front of his wife, Jaya and her husband, Sanjeev Kumar. Anybody immersed in the spirit of Holi will automatically start humming that number.

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An attempt was made to duplicate the magic of that song about two decades later with Mr. Bachchan again in the movie Baghbaan. The attempt was tried by incorporating the famous folk song – Holi Khele Raghubeera. No wonder, the song was an instant success. Having said that, no song can manage to reach the heights of the Rang Barse number. The song Rang Barse was penned by Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

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The lyrics for the song Holi Khele Raghubeera can be found here.

There are numerous other Holi songs that have made their mark. These songs must be played when it comes to Holi celebrations. These songs have wonderfully captured the spirit of Holi and helped to further the story of the movie by bringing hero and heroine closer.

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