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Compete song lyrics in English. The song is sung by Rooga. The Genre of the song Compete is .

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Compete
  • Artist Name (s): Rooga

Compete Song Lyrics – Rooga

(I see you in them pots, Deltah)

Yo’ homie died and you cried, bitch slide
And them boys ain’t hidin’, they always outside
Nigga play wit’ mine, a nigga won’t play wit’ one of mine
Got ten guns in the house, and I stay wit’ one of mine
But I ain’t gotta do shit, I just press a button
Foenem ain’t for nothin’, them boys always up to somethin’
We hit yo’ block up wit’ drums like what’s with the assumptions?
Laser on the gun just in case they get to runnin’
Trav’ got great precision, he fuck around and stop an engine
We couldn’t wait to catch that nigga, you know you a shitbag pendin’
Ain’t no driveby’s, we do walk ups, we make sure it’s finished
I put 100k on yo’ head and do it [?]
I know 15 of yo’ niggas, ten gangsta, the other five hoes
I could give a fuck about who know me, the other side know
They ain’t wanna’ let us in, I snuck through the side door
Fo’ just gave ’em ten, fuck it, we gon’ give ’em five more
I call lil’ fo’ GPS the way he find lo’s
The way he pop up out the cut, you’d think a line rose
Couple my niggas died, but they died Moes
And yeah, a couple they niggas slid, but they tried though
I was the one on punishment, you couldn’t play with me
We come through with blowers like we rakin’ leaves from A to Z
Then spray and leave, yeah, we make niggas lay in peace
My gun should go half on the rent ’cause this bitch stay wit’ me
Free my nigga Babbo, he mister run up on yo’ car though
Who done died? The Hell if I know
They wanna know, told ’em God knows
Niggas get in jams and hit high notes
You ain’t got yo’ gun, I got mine though
He say he a hunnid’, well give ‘im nine more
I keep it like G like Giordano’s
I can’t lie though, you make a right though, I make a left
Broke in ya’ trap, that’s Klay and Steph
Then I pop out like right in the flesh
Fantasy Drive, you know the rest
Them choppas get utilized, you can get crucified, nigga we unified, you a lie
Foenem pulled up wit’ a Uber sign, and they pullin’ up like the Uber ride, you’ll die
Look at me, who am I? Lookin’ like God, well fuck it, I guess it’s Rooga time
We hit ’em so many times they couldn’t identify ’em, I hate to signify ’em
They got me in go mode, I smoke gas like Golo, I be dolo
Bitch, I’m hot as cocoa, I ball so much I might just go pro
I don’t know, but someone did it, he got left by someone fishin’
That was fishy, got ‘im [?] since he really think he wit’ it
But he ain’t, what the fuck buddy think, I ain’t go no rank
I hate to waste a nigga like a cup of drank
How the fuck you from the city but runnin’ from the city?
We got three drums and they switches, that’s 150
To keep it real, ain’t none of these rappers really fuckin’ wit’ me
And that’s word to [?] merch, we run the c

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