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Feel It In The Air (Freestyle) Song Lyrics | Rooga

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Feel It In The Air (Freestyle) song lyrics in English. The song is sung by Rooga. The Genre of the song Feel It In The Air (Freestyle) is .

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Feel It In The Air (Freestyle)
  • Artist Name (s): Rooga

Feel It In The Air (Freestyle) Song Lyrics – Rooga

If you knew you wasn’t real, you shouldn’t of joined that crew
I guess I seen it from a whole different point of view
Think that’s your mans till he standing on that stand
Then he raise his right hand and he point at you
And a shorty caught a bullet just for going to school
And he just had a scholarship, his mom confused
They tryna keep us in a position where we bound to lose
But you make the decision, you just gotta choose
Damn I remember them old days, them was those days
Talkin’ when I had the low fade, guess I’m stuck in my old ways
And we ain’t never have no real money
What you know ’bout momma workin’ check to check
Cause what she makin’ is the bill money
It wasn’t no house up on the hill for me
It wasn’t no record label deal for me
I had to steal money
I leave out the house not knowing if I might gon come home
What you know ’bout walkin’ in the house and the lights don’t come on
I’m talkin’ way before I thought about writing a song
I’m talkin’ way before I thought about writing my wrongs
And how I’m beefing with niggas that I got love for
The ones I’ll take a slug for, you used to be my mud bruh
I know I said some hurtful shit, but you said it first
And if somethin’ was to happen to you nigga, I’ll be hurt
I can’t even sit here and act like it ain’t on my nerve
And I can’t act like you wasn’t there when I was at my worst
We can’t let this shit divide us
When one rise, we all rise, all we got is us
This what our niggas died for? You can’t get time back when that time up
Free my nigga Beans, he got caught up in that lineup
And he ain’t give a line up
And I don’t trust them new niggas, I don’t fuck with new niggas
I feel like they’ll slime us
And when the money came, it brought more fame
And more pain, I was juggling with a lot of shit
And still supported gangnem
Remember using crates to make a rim
Now I’m sittin’ courtside in the Lakers gym
Damn, my brothers they was in and out the system
Cold nights up in that station, momma was in and out to get them
And these young niggas don’t respect the OGs
They be wildin’ OC, they don’t care
They’ll let it ring in front of the police
No wonder why it’s no peace
I get on these beats and let my soul speak, but you can hear my soul weak
They say my brother was found unresponsive in a cell
Momma called, I heard it in her voice, I know it’s real
She like, “It’s your brother,” then I got the chills
Then I instantly start thinking about the times when we was little
But this one hard to swallow cause this one hell of a pill
Then I asked her, “Did he pass?” She said, “No, he was killed,”

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And I just lost a brother
I swear when that shit happened, it brought us all together
Damn, we was just all together
Don’t let em trick you out your spot like you ain’t gangsta
Cause you ain’t slid on a block and you ain’t slid with a Glock
You just gon end up another kid that got locked
Or another kid in a box, I wonder when this shit gon stop
You gotta listen to them older niggas cause they don’t be lyin’
They really the ones that did time, they put it all on the line
And find you a woman that’s gifted
Cause these days, they attention span short as a midget
I just seen a woman upload her nigga, with her emoji on the picture
But enough with all that love shit, I know you get the picture
Remember jumpin’ on the back of the bus, ain’t have no bus pass
Bus driver ain’t even see me with my lucky ass
Always made the girls laugh when we was in class
But if you knew my past, you wouldn’t even laugh
Nah you don’t know the half
Everything I’ve been through, I know God watchin’ over me
I know my momma proud of what I chose to be
I done made it through every obstacle that was put in front of me
To deal with what I’ve been through, you would need more than one of me
I looked my son in his eyes and told him, “You a king,”
And you ain’t never gotta want or need for anything
Some people settle for less, but I got bigger dreams
I used to cut the TV off to see me in the scr

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