You are currently viewing ​FTK (fuck them kids) lyrics – Yung Kayo
​FTK (fuck them kids) lyrics - Yung Kayo

​FTK (fuck them kids) lyrics – Yung Kayo

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​FTK (fuck them kids) song lyrics by Yung Kayo. Released in 2019.

Song Details

  • Song: ​FTK (fuck them kids)
  • Artist: Yung Kayo
  • Released: 2019

FTK (fuck them kids) lyrics – Yung Kayo

Yeah, flew the bitch out from North Dakota (Pew)
Got a iced-out watch, got colder
And the Rick my back, my shoulder
I don’t really give a fuck what you told ’em
Bitch say she know me, I don’t know her (Who?)

And the money all green like Yoda
Got a bitch with lil’ waist, she older
All these niggas gon’ hate on the image
I’ma ball in the game, fuck the scrimmage (Buh)
Ain’t no period, end with my sentence
Why your nigga gon’ stop with no finish?
Ricky Zippy, I walk through your city
Choker Moncler, this shit can get Grinchy
Fuck your sister and fuck up the Emmys
I’ma write out the script with no ending (Grrah)

We just go grippin’ the check (Pew)
‘Cause I don’t give a fuck what it cost
On my new crib, they addin’ a deck
On my other, they addin’ a loft
I’m the boss so I talk to myself (Buh)
Drive the boat, bitch, you know I don’t row
All my commas, they end with a O
Put the stars in the roof in the Ghost (Pew)

Oh, we beefin’? I let that boy roast (Rrr)
And we celebrate, yeah, we gon’ toast
Hold up, baby, you doin’ the most
Fuck a thot then I run with the bros (Pew)
I got carat like man in the snow
[?] that bitch how I know she gon’ go (Bitch)

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I don’t love her but pay for her toes
You don’t know what I do for my moes (Rrr)
Now that bitch gotta listen
I got hundreds I made for my mistress
Put baguette on my Audemars wrist
I got bait on me just like I’m fishin’ (Rrah)
I got richer ’cause I’m about business
I’ma hustle for mine like I’m Dennis
Alyx, that’s on my teeth like a dentist
I’m a kid climbin’ over the fences
Count a hundred my wrist
Brand-new whip

Iced-out bitch (Bitch)
Suck my dick (Dick)
Suck my dick (Dick)
Two-tone wrist (Wrist)
Fuck them kids (Fuck them kids)
Fuck them kids (Yeah)
Fuck them kids (Yeah)
Fuck them kids (Yeah)

Blew up a hundred round
I was just talkin’ to Lil Jay and he airin’ it out
In the mansion, don’t hear a sound
It’s just me and Rico and I slept on my couch
Baby, you do not need a frown
If I’m alone then I talk to my spouse
Yeah, I deal with big business now
Still get the cat when I walk in the house
Told her I’m a big spender now
I got these diamonds, they sit by my mouth
I got bitches, they in and out
I fuck ’em once and they in and they out

Blow the hundred and fifty, wow
Blow the hundred and fifty, wow
I got diamonds, they pokin’ out
I got diamonds, they pokin’ out

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