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Get Out song lyrics in English. The song is sung by Rooga. The Genre of the song Get Out is .

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Get Out
  • Artist Name (s): Rooga

Get Out Song Lyrics – Rooga

Aye, aye, aye
Aye, aye, aye
On Fonem grave
I fuck with this
(Producer Tag)
(Let’s get it dawg)

Aye, bitch I’m cool right now
Nigga play with me, he fuck around get blew right down
And I got my blick on me, in the stu’ right now
Boy these 5.7 bullets comin’ out blue right now (Bow)
We turn a nigga block into a clue
Everybody be wondering what happened (What happened?)
Niggas act gangsta on the ‘Book
Get caught in the street, fuck around get wrapped up
Most of you niggas post pictures with guns
Y’all ain’t nothing but actors
But I’m on the 6 posted up out North
I ain’t with nothin’ but factors (On the 6 block)
All them Scrappers riders (Ride)
All them Scrappers sliders
Fonem arguing in the car about who gone be the driver
Fonem hop out (Phaah), wet shit up like scuba divers (Bah, bah)
They be like “Damn that’s how you comin’? That nigga Rogga wild” (Hahaha)
Louis bag cost 23, I mix that shit with Dior
And my Glock a 23, but the clip hold 23 more
Folks tryna hit him 20 times, I’m tryna hit him 23 more
Folks tryna wait til’ after the party, I’m tryna catch him before (Hahaha)
Aye that choppa put your ass to rest
It’s like a Tempurpedic (Put your ass to sleep)
You the type to sneek diss on the stat’ and then delete
Fonem might just do a hit out a Prius (Do a hit out Prius)
Walkup like the pizza man, I bet he won’t even see it (Bow)
This ain’t no game we don’t play ’round
This ain’t no playground, he gone get down or laid down
You got your blick, and I got my blick
Let’s make it a Quake out, aye
You got a Glock, but I got a Drac’ out
He with his bitch, ah they tryna make out
Caught him at the steakhouse, fuck it we gone stake out
Aye, aye, I got my blick out, incase it’s a a blickout
You tryna get up, I make you sit down
We got some big shit, that make you get down
We kidnap shit, like dude off “Get Out”
We in traffic, with 2 Gen5 switches (Slide, slide, slide)
Hop out (Phaow), hit ’bout 3 to 5 niggas
Aye, don’t care if you got it nigga, you can die with’ it
Tryna slide through the 6 gone be a suicide mission
Boy you gone do what to who, in front of who? (Who)
Goofy got left out front tryna find his move (Goofy, goofy aye)
Shoulda played it cool, shoulda stayed in school
You wouldn’t’ve made the news
These hollow tips blue, you wouldn’t have a clue
I got shit so big, if I shoot you wonldn’t even shoot back
I got shit so big, if I was you I wouldn’t even do that (I wouldn’t even do that)

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On gang, on Fonem grave
You already know how this shit go

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