You are currently viewing Who Invented Google? All the Basic Information About the Search Giant
Who Invented Google? All the Basic Information About the Search Giant

Who Invented Google? All the Basic Information About the Search Giant

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Everyone (whoever uses the Internet) knows about Google and would have used it. So these basic questions would surely come to your mind that Who Invented Google? When Did It Happen?

In today’s age, it seems difficult to imagine a world without the Internet. If we go a few decades ago, there was nothing called the Internet. But it has become one of the greatest needs in the world today.

Today, the Internet has a great contribution in all fields. More than 90 percent of technology is based on the Internet. Large companies, even entire countries are connected to the Internet.

Today, the Internet has become very important to all of us. If there was no internet, you probably wouldn’t have read this article.

But today, the form of the Internet before us was not like this before. Even after the invention of the internet, there were many related inventions, which made it even better.

One of these inventions was Google!

Everyone knows Google today. Some people accept it as a big technology company and others as a software company. Google is active in many digital fields, but it gets its real identity from its search engine.

Google, one of the largest companies in the world, started as a simple search engine. That was by analyzing web pages to help people find them. But do you know Who invented Google and when was it invented? If not, read this article in its entirety.

What is Google?

What is Google?

Google is a search engine through which you can get any information on the Internet. The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the world. Google may have started out as a search engine, but today it is an international company that every software engineer wants to work for.

Google is waging a war not only in the software field but also in the hardware field. Products like Google’s Pixel phone, Google Home have been liked by people.

Google is also one of the most used operating system in the world, Android and one of the best operating systems for PC ChromeOs is also a product of Google.

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Some other famous Google products you may have heard of are YouTube, Blogspot, Google Assistant, Google Keep, Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Suit.

In simple terms, Google is understood to be a multinational technology company mainly working in the field of Internet-connected service products, such as online advertising technology, cloud computing, software and hardware.

According to Wikipedia, Google has recently been included in the list of the five largest technology companies in the world. Except in a few countries, Google offers its services and products all over the world.

Speaking of India’s connection to Google, an interesting fact is that the current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai, who also runs Google’s parent company ‘Alphabet‘. Along with this, Sundar Pichai is also one of the main shareholders of Google.

If we talk about the Google Search Engine, then it is an online software or a tool that provides users with web pages (websites and blogs) related to their interests and queries. The Google search engine is currently the most widely used search engine in the world.

Who Invented Google?

Google was invented by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Who invented Google? Sergey Brin, Larry Page

Today’s multinational company was founded as a project by 2 students from Stanford University, California. Google’s inventors are Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who are also Google’s biggest shareholders today.

When Sergey Brin and Larry Page invented Google, its name was Googol, but due to the misspelling it became Google, which is no less a brand today.

Sergey Breen and Larry Page started Google as a research project during their doctorate in computer engineering at the world-renowned Stanford University.

Scott Hassan was also the third founder of the project at the time, who wrote most of the Google code, but left the project before Google was established as a company.

Scot left the project to pursue a career in robotics and in 2006 founded a company called ‘Willow Garage‘. Therefore, despite being a major contributor to the invention of Google, he is not officially considered its founder.

When was Google invented?

Larry Page and Sergey Breen had been working at Google for a long time. They founded Google as a private company in California on September 4, 1998. In other words, in plain English, Google was invented on September 4, 1998.

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Google was invented in an age when web directories were used to search for web pages. Google was not the first search engine, but Google relied on a new methodology that did it better than others.

Search engines before Google used to rank web pages according to the keywords they searched for. The web page that had the most keywords to search for ranked high. Due to this, users were unable to get the correct results.

But Google was developed with a new methodology. Google used to rank pages by analyzing related websites and links related to the topic. In simple language, the website that had the most relevant backlinks was ranked. This gave the users better results.

This idea was of Larry Page’s. This new idea was called PageRank. Larry Page shared his idea with Scott and began the coding.

The search engine based on this new idea was previously called BackRub because it ranked web pages based on backlinks. Subsequently, this methodology was also used to create many other search engines such as Baidu.

Soon after, the new BackRub search engine was renamed Google. It was a spelling mistake. BackRub was to be called Googol, which means 1 after 100 zeros.

With this name, search engines wanted to indicate the number of web pages ranked in search engines. The domain was acquired on September 15, 1997, which was incorporated on September 4, 1998 as a public limited company.

Where was Google invented?

Google was invented in California (United States).


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