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Interlude Song Lyrics | Nelly | Country Grammar

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Interlude song lyrics in English. The song Interlude is from the Album Country Grammar. The song is sung by Nelly. The Genre of the song Interlude is Hip Hop/Rap.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Interlude
  • Artist Name (s): Nelly

Interlude Song Lyrics – Nelly

{Goin’ good, wah, get off me real quick I’m
Tryin to holla at my dog real fast
Aey, aey Nelly wassup Dog, you saved me the other day
Entertainer boy I’m at a wild little party dog
Aey get back at me I’m tryin’ to holla at
You about the album now I’m a talk to all of
Ya’ll Big Leaugue, Kyuan, Lit’ t, City spud
My homies. what’s up man ya’ll, you need to get at me
I need to be on this album Playa. I’m tryin’
To blow up with ya S T L ya’ll get back at
Me a’ight? Just call me}

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