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Jio Glass

What is Jio Glass? Features, Specs, Price

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The world of technology continues to amaze us. In today’s world, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be achieved with a little bit of innovation and smart work. One such technology is the Reliance’s Jio Glass.

Reliance Jio owned by Mukesh Ambani recently launched its most latest and unique product by far called the “JIO GLASS”. It is a mixed reality product that does holographic video calling amongst other applications.

It weighs 75 grams and stays connected with a single cable. The product supports 25 inbuilt apps that let you conduct augmented 3D reality meetings and more.

It was launched on 20th January 2021 during Reliance’s 43rd annual general meeting. It was designed by Jio Platforms’ Tesseract subsidiary. This mixed reality headset has a camera up front. Its sensors allow the user to engage in an immersive content and environment.

Reliance stated that this new technology is specifically designed for teachers and students who can conduct holographic classes enabling 3D virtual rooms.

The company also mentioned that the Jio glass will take advantage of 5G services also and soon it will start testing its 5G services. Reliance has paired up with Google for its products which means in the future we will witness more interesting products.

Some key points about the Jio Glass

Jio Glass has a similarity with Google Glass but it’s much bulkier and chunkier than it. If compare it has a close analogy with Spectacles 3 launched by the parent company Snapchat.

Spectacles 3 by Snapchat

They both look robust and trendy. Jio Glass has a thick temple that is covered with plastic. It also has several buttons on it to use.

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But the practicality of the Jio Glass has to be seen after it is available for use.

It is unknown as to what processor is used on the Jio Glass but it will support 25 applications currently most of which are: JioCinema, JioSaavan, JioTVPlus, JioMeet, Reliance Digital, Hamleys, Horse Cart, Spiral Skate, Funny Bunny, and more.

It will also provide the world’s first Spatial and Directional XR audio on its speakers. Two microphones are also provided in the glass that will help the users while video conferencing.

There is also a camera installed in between the two frames, above the bridge to click photos and to upload them in real-time and the images can also be saved to the paired smartphone. It has a high-resolution display and it also consists of vents in the frame for heat dissipation.

Jio glass will provide mixed reality for video conferencing and communication with people. It is steered by Augmented and Virtual Reality so as to make a 3D holographic image of participants, with their 2D avatar from the video feed.

Each avatar will appear in front of the user’s eyes in a virtual environment. The participants can share files and make presentations in both 2D and 3D formats while also being available in the virtual environment.

Jio Glass is especially very useful for teachers and students. Ever since the pandemic has hit the country all educational institutions are forced to remain closed.

Tech companies are bringing solutions to make things easy. Jio Glass has made it a lot easier now; it will offer virtual demonstration of geographical locations and will also allow teachers to mark tests in a virtual 3D classroom.

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The teacher can host as many students as he or she wants to. Jio is also planning to launch its own education platform called Embibe which will be integrated with the Jio Glass.

Jio Glass supports voice modulation for most of its functions, which also makes those buttons on the glasses useless.

For instance to host a video conference the user has to simply say “Hello Jio, call XX and call YY” and so it goes. It will make a call to those people, provided that it’s connected with the internet.

Reliance Industries did not indulge in too much detail for the Jio Glass, like its specifications and other features.

But now that the tech is revealed to the world its price and availability should be announced in the near future.

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