You are currently viewing Oohale Lyrics – Jaanu (2020), Sharwanand, Samantha
Oohale Lyrics – Jaanu (2020)

Oohale Lyrics – Jaanu (2020), Sharwanand, Samantha

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Oohale Lyrics in Hindi, English from the movie Jaanu. It is the latest Telugu Song, sung by Chinmayi Sripada, Govind Vasantha. The film features Sharwanand, Samantha.

The music for the song is given by Govind Vasantha. The lyrics are written by Sri Mani.

Song Details

Oohale Lyrics – Jaanu

Piya Balama Mora
Piya Mora Balama
Piya Ghar Aao, Ghar Aa

Piya Ghar Aao Ji
Balma Mora
Balam Mora Piya
Piya Haan Balma Mora, Mora

Chinni Mounamulona
Enni Ugisalo
Kanta Neeru Leni
Roju Kaliseni
Pranamulo Pran Sade

Oohale Oohale
Ninnu Viduvavule
Gundeke Pranamai
Pusey Pusey

Oohale Oohale
Ninnu Marichina Vela
Oopire Leni Vela

Music Video of the Song Oohale from the movie Jaanu

The Full Lyrics for the song Oohale from the movie Jaanu sung by Chinmayi Sripaada, Govind Vasantha. If you have any suggestions or want to suggest any change to the lyrics, please contact us.

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