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Outro Song Lyrics | Nelly | Country Grammar

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Outro song lyrics in English. The song Outro is from the Album Country Grammar. The song is sung by Nelly. The Genre of the song Outro is Hip Hop/Rap.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Outro
  • Artist Name (s): Nelly

Outro Song Lyrics – Nelly

{Hey, hey wha sup Nelly?
Hey dawg I got ya page
But my cell phone battery was low
I couldn’t even call u back right away
But look here man
Y’all just throw down on tha album bro
I jus tryin’ to get at you
We been missin’ each otha}

{You call me
I call you
We page
We missin’
But look here
‘Cuz this here from me man
I’m ’bout to lay it down ‘n chill man
I’m got to, I got to leave tha country man
I gotta go to Compton}

{Do ya thang
Do ya thug thizzle
For ya boy
Playboy partner ‘ite
Ced tha entertainer
Hey y’all get at me when ya can ‘ite
I’m gone man
Yeah I’m gone
Yeah I got these warrants
And tha police pulled me ova
I got to go
I’ll holla}

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