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Real Life Song Lyrics | Rooga

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Real Life song lyrics in English. The song is sung by Rooga. The Genre of the song Real Life is .

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Real Life
  • Artist Name (s): Rooga

Real Life Song Lyrics – Rooga

(808 Jay got that fire)
(Do you not get the Koncept?)

100k I made that shit by mistake
I get you touched while I’m eating steak
I just went bought me some shit by the crate
So if you see us you might see a Drac’
You sit there wondering what shit feel like
When we do this shit in real life
These ain’t no mo’fucking props, these real pipes
You know you get that in real life
He thought he got away, he try to run
‘Til he said “Somethin’ don’t feel right”
He caught a shot from drum
And if that boy live I bet he don’t heal right
That boy see me inside ’cause I stood on the line
And got what I wanted too, aye
I see the look in your eyes
If you was a killer you’d do what you wanted too
Everywhere I go, I’m gettin’ booked
Everywhere I go, bitches look
I walk around with some shit like a book
But please do not try it, that shit a joke
I just checked me a 50, woo
We up in traffic with 50s, woo
If a nigga look iffy, shoot
Knock the wheel’s off his car, take the top off the roof
You making threats, you gone’ do that to who?
That’s a photo, turn your shit to a Coupe
I be killers, yeah we in cahoots
Now you a pack just for thinkin’ we c

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