You are currently viewing Sarhul Festival 2020 – New Year Festival
Sarhul Festival 2020 - New Year Festival

Sarhul Festival 2020 – New Year Festival

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Sarhul festival is the Spring Festival celebrated by the Local tribes of Jharkhand State. It is celebrated on the third day after the new moon in the Hindu month of Chaitra. Sarhul is observed as a state-level public holiday. It is also a celebration of the onset of the spring season.

Sarhul FestivalJharkhand28th March 2020Saturday

The Oraon, Ho, and Munda tribes of Jharkhand celebrate their ancient New Year’s traditions in colorful and grand style every year. The literal meaning of “Sarhul” is to do tree-worship and the veneration of nature in general. Many cultural events are organized during the Sarhul festival.

Many local tribals will wear their traditional dress that is very colorful and ornate. In the Kolhan region of Jharkhand state, it is called “Baa Porob”. People perform the Sarhul dance, they worship the Sal Tree and many other festive events are also organized. Sarhul is also one of the grand festivals of tribals in Orissa or Odisha state of India.

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There are also plenty of special Sarhul cuisines prepared. There is “Handia”, rice made beer and various vegetable dishes. “Fish Sukha” – it is a specially prepared dried fish or baked fish. Sarhul marks the arrival of the spring season or “Phaagun” and it is celebrated till the month of June or “Jeth”.

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Sarhul Dance

The Sarna tribe in the Jharkhand state celebrates the Sarhul festival with great enthusiasm. The men and women both, of the Sarna tribe, wear colorful and traditional dresses and perform traditional dances on the popular folk tunes of the region. The traditional outfit worn by the men and women of the Sarna tribe is called “Karia” and “Khanria” respectively.

Sarhul Festival Cuisine

The Sarhul festival involves distinctive Sarhul cuisines in varieties. The prasad offered to the people during the festival is a specialty of the Sarhul cuisine known as ‘Handia’ or ‘Diang’. It is made up of rice, water, and tree leaves.

Another Sarhul cuisine is called the ‘Pahan’. It represents the union. The banquet and dance do not miss the serving of ‘Khaddi’, one of another popular night Sarhul cuisine

Non-vegetarian Sarhul cuisine includes fish Sukha, which is an exclusive preparation of dried or baked fish.

Apart from the specialties, other items found to taste in a Sarhul cuisine are the leafy vegetables, roots and shoots, seeds, fruits, pulses, rice, flowers, leaves, and mushrooms. A variety of mushroom cuisines are available during this time like Bhardo, Bihidien, and Rugda. Because of all these, it is believed to be a festival of nature.

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