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Scrappers song lyrics in English. The song is sung by Rooga. The Genre of the song Scrappers is .

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Scrappers
  • Artist Name (s): Rooga

Scrappers Song Lyrics – Rooga

Foenem grave, got Lil Moe in this bitch with me
You already know how this shit go

If it’s beef then it’s beef, what we talkin’ about
Put that Drac’ to your face ain’t no talkin’ it out
When you leave out the crib I’m in front of yo’ house
Goofy shouldn’t have let his gun on the couch
If he spin through this block then I’m bumpin’ him down
Shots out the Drake got him jumpin’ around
Slide through the 8, we ain’t fuckin’ around
We really put niggas under the ground
We really put niggas under the street
Hope you coming correct when you coming to me
Got a stick in the Glock but the drum on the seat
Just in case a nigga think he tougher than me
Think you tougher than me you get slumped in the streets
If we don’t got that heat you get stomped out with feet
Who is this nigga that ride up the street?
Boy, this choppa on me knock the J off a jeep
If you ain’t shootin’ you drivin’
Young niggas slidin’, glidin’, violent
I hold that Drac’ like a motherfuckin’ violin
I’ma keep shootin’ until I hear sirens
Pullin’ up blastin’ I make them crash
They hoppin’ out fallin’, they over dramatic
Let’s see who the fastest I was just laughin’
I got so close I left blood on the ratchet (Ayy, ayy)
Please don’t tweak, we got chop in the party
One false move and we stoppin’ the party
But I ain’t gon’ tweak ’cause it’s bops in the party
And one bitch tryna give me top in the party
You got blick, well, I got blick too
I’m itching just to see what this do
Blick one, I blick two, he miss one, I hit two
Ain’t no shortage on blicks
You fuck around and get shorty and them hit
Ain’t gotta do it that’s more of a risk
Put a brick on your head and just order the hit (Ayy, ooh, ayy)
We at the door like you ordered some shit
Put that pipe to your head, call your daughter a bitch
I got all the money, all the drugs, all the funds but I feel it’s more of it
Pop out we spot him, we got him but where is your gun?
We caught you without it, ayy
He tryna run but where is you goin’
The hollow tips poppin’ out stop all that cappin’
You don’t be out here so stop all that rappin’, boy
We got some shit that a stop all the traffic
We turn handguns to automatics
You can get layed down like you on a palette
I used to be in the back of the back
Now I ride with that MAC in the back of the bach
Make ’em think that I forgot about that than a week later
I’ma come back with a TEC
Now somebody shot in the back of the neck
He got away but the driver got stretched
Now he left a trace ’cause the driver got stretched
Now he just a nigga that’s patched like the rest
I got his lo, I’ma keep shootin’ ’til I ain’t got no more
Can’t trust no bitch so I ain’t got no hoe
If he a problem then he gotta go
Watch how you talk when talk to Lil Moe
I got my name ’cause I shoot a lil’ mo’
He tried to perform I’ma be at his show
Them Scrapp Gang members, they be at yo’ throat, damn (Ayy)
He was that nigga that hold the blicks
That we always send to the store and shit
Don’t ride up this block, we a blow at ya shit
We don’t even care if it’s hoes in the whip
We a still run up and put holes in the whip
That’s 2 to the neck and 4 to the hip
Now that nigga dead over a bitch
And I’m talkin’ literally, over the bitch
I got a Glock with a switch it do tricks
You don’t wanna see this bitch get to blickin’
And don’t think I’m slippin’, I stay on my pivot
I’m some like a Perc ’cause bro I’m just itchin’
I’m itchin’ to squeeze
We got some shit that you wouldn’t believe
.762 it’ll rip through a tree
I swear these niggas they different from me (Ayy, ayy)
Now we on the 8 ’cause that’s lil’ foenem block
It ain’t no tellin’ what lil’ foenem got
We be so comfortable sippin’ on Wock’
To keep it real I think we killed all the opps
Foenem they hopped on yoppas
All out the window with choppas
They turned ya shit into pasta
Look at ya roster
You shouldn’t of bothered none of them scrappers
You shouldn’t a bothered them scrappers
You could get clapped up, we put niggas together
No, we put niggas on stretchers
We send niggas away forever
Watch how you talk when you talkin’ to me
You could get shot from the top of the key
Watch how you walk when you walk up on me
I fuck around leave your top in the str

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